Women’s Recovery and Creating Space

Yoveda was created for women who are curious and hungry to try something new and unknown. The vision was to build a network and brand that stands for development, inspiration and growth.

We believe that when women feel satisfied, harmonious, relaxed and overall good, they also become more creative, happy and open to life and what it has to offer. This is a place that lets women better their health, self development and wellness. Through mentorship and support can we figure out what lifestyle makes you as a woman feel independent, strong and satisfied.

The Story of Yoveda

This story begins in a distant place many years ago. It involves a woman, named Yoveda, who changes the conception of true independence until this very day.

Yoveda is my art and story of how I turned around and changed my world totally.
I want to tell my story in a colorful way that gives joy, beauty, happiness and satisfaction, because that is what my journey gave me. Everything I offer and share here represents my life experiences, knowledge and wisdom I have got during my personal growth. I have been dedicating 20 years of my life as a holistic health coach and speaker on different kinds of platforms.

After many years of traveling around the world visiting a lot of different healing centers, studios, teachers and communities that could help me in my seeking for my true self. I experienced a lot and also got a lot of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration that I put together here at Yoveda.


Our mentorship is all about support and guidance through continuous communication and networking. Our aim is to offer relaxing and creative environments. Where our ambition is to build a new outlook on women by changing attitudes.

We strive to work towards new ideas and thinking outside the box to create allure, self development, movement and direction in all women.

Mothers, wives or singles, all women are welcomed. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur or freelancer. We want to give women from all around the world the opportunity to meet through our digital hub.

This will lead to a more free and healthy culture around women. The result will inspire young people and our children to venture out into the world. Feel freer and be able to develop and renew themselves.

Virtuell creating space

We think that the virtual reality is better. Yoveda has its own virtual event and an interactive platform which enables you to have meetings, calls, education, smaller events, seminars and so much more.

Here you can create unique experiences if you are looking for an extraordinary digital user platform that exceeds the current/regular, and you can be a natural part of of an all-female network in a delightful/engaging virtual environment.

Currently it is open for you to visit whenever you want.

How to feel good

Our creativity, passion and drive to improve pushes us to always evolve and be the best at what we do. We believe that all places are unique in their own way and so is our desire to live in it. Our network of women provides inspiration, energy, and knowledge.

Women ́s Wealth & Health

Do you have a specific destination in mind that you would like to visit? If so, then we can help you, by providing the right information and resources to you. This is for all women who are seeking personal development. I would love to help you find the right strategy that will guide you to your dream destination.

What we offer
Are you seeking a mentor, holistic life coach or body therapeut for your own personal development and healing? Do you want to arrange an event, trip or a meeting for your female colleagues, friends or community?

We arrange, speak, lead and coach for both individuals, groups and bigger organizations. Book a free consultation for more information.

We support you

Are you a woman who would like to visit new places and need help with planning and customizing your trip? If so, then we can help you tailor and implement your trip. To make it enriching and self developing for you.

Our Desire
Yoveda offers meaningful destinations with a unique experience that are made for the creative woman who has a passion for freedom. But also brands that have a vision and
desire for their own development and want to inspire others. Lastly we offer events that help women´s health, lifestyle, freedom and global networking.

Our Vision
We want to transform women´s lives in the long run to become healthier and beneficial by developing and inspiring them.

Our membership contains events, community, meetups and entrepreneurial projects where the main goal is to serve women. Together, we keep the Women Network alive.