Grow your network

A successful event requires long term planning, structure and follow up. An effective way to bring people together for different purposes. Most companies usually arrange events to market their services and products.

As well as to spread their knowledge through conferences and seminars. Your event will result in a growing network where you can expand your clientele, meet future employees, and potential collaborations.

Get a succesfull event

Do you need an event manager or project leader?

Yoveda helps and guides you through your project from start to finish. We’re here every step of the way to ensure your event’s success. Our goal is to assist in a wide range of events, ensuring the target audience is engaged and the message is marketed properly.

What do we provide as an event manager?

Event coordinators, also known as event planners or event managers, are responsible for organizing all kinds of projects.

Whether they’re promotional for event marketing, team-building, or business events. The event manager’s purpose is to handle the logistics from start to finish.

That includes overseeing the designated budget, dealing with venues, suppliers, handling the guest list, managing transport and making sure all the required facilities are available.

We also coordinate with legal teams, and of course guarantee the health and safety of all our attendees.

Our services include virtual, hybrid or in-Person depending on your needs.

We offer
Event Managing
Project leading
Find your work-life balance

To be a business owner and entrepreneur requires a lot of work, performance and responsibility. To be successful you always need to be on top and deliver high quality services and put effort and energy into your work.

Which can lead you to not prioritize your recovery. 

Yoveda helps you to find the right balance between your personal and work life. With us you get coaching, support and mentoring to evolve and develop as a person. We help you implement and plan events that are adapted for your business.

We unload your work tasks and ensure you have the right tools, support and conditions to grow as an individual and business.

Would you also like to get a new perspective on life that will help you find your own way, by promoting your own well-being and in the process get a chance to visit a new place? And do you want to feel like the whole world is your home and are curious about trying something new and unknown?

If so, read more about my creating space for women’s recovery here!